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Tile Trends For 2024

If it’s time to give your kitchen or bathroom a fresh new look, you might want to consider some of the latest tile trends. Trends do come and go over time, but many modern looks have the potential to be timeless.

Vertically Stacked Tiles

When you consider a traditional tile layout, what springs to mind is usually horizontally stacked tiles. In 2024, this is being turned on its head to create a new, modern look. Stacking your tiles vertically creates the illusion of a taller room. Choose narrow, rectangular tiles for this look and don’t be afraid to play with colour. Smaller tiles allow you to select a range of shades and bring them together for a harmonious finish that’s interesting to the eye.

Marble-Effect Flagstones

Flagstone tiles are large slabs that can make a big statement. In 2024, we think that these will be very popular. Unlike small tiles, flagstones are great for showing off the beautiful textures that marble patterns have. For a modern, luxurious look in your living space, marble-effect flagstone tiles are sure to deliver the glamorous look you desire.


Terazzo is a tile pattern that’s made up of chips of granite, quartz, marble, glass, shells or other attractive materials suspended in epoxy. This creates a haphazard, intricate finish that exudes sophistication. Terazzo can be as busy or as subtle as you please. Some may have more contrast between the suspended materials and the base, whereas others may use similar shades in both parts. We’re seeing more and more terrazzo tiles lately, particularly in kitchens. Therefore, we think they’ll be a very trendy choice in 2024.


Bold Colours

Over the past couple of years, we have consistently seen a rise in the popularity of bold colours. Therefore, we think this is a tile trend that’s here to stay. Blue, green, emerald and turquoise shades continue to be incredibly desirable across a range of applications. Although bold colours are sometimes shied away from by those who want a timeless result, we think that these shades will stand the test of time.

To Take Advantage Of These Tile Trends, Choose TAP Tiling

We stock a huge range of tiles. If you want to update your home with some of the latest tile trends, come and take a look at what we have to offer. We have a tile showroom that you can peruse at your leisure, and if you’d like assistance making your choice, you only need to ask.


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