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How To Make Your Accessible Bathroom Upgrade Truly Luxurious

Your mobility needs need to come first. If you struggle to use the bathroom safely, it’s important that any modifications you make should be done with your ease of access in mind. You might believe that this means your new bathroom won’t look attractive, but that certainly doesn’t have to be the case. Take a look at a few of our ideas to ensure your accessible bathroom upgrade looks modern and luxurious.

Choose An Accessible Wet Room

Before we go into more detail about luxurious accessible bathroom design, we want to start by suggesting you choose a wet room as opposed to a traditional bathroom. Wet rooms have the advantage of being completely seamless, easy to clean and optimised for modern living.

Non-Slip & Step-Free Waterproof Flooring

Accessible bathrooms need to be safe to navigate. This starts with choosing an appropriate floor. Not only should it be non-slip, but it should also have as few steps as possible. This means that your shower base should integrate with the rest of the flooring. To achieve this, you’ll need to ensure that the seals are waterproofed. A seamless, step-free bathroom floor looks modern and attractive by design, so you’ll make no sacrifices on style here.

Bathroom Wall Tiles

A wet room needs to be waterproof throughout all the walls and flooring. This means that you can choose luxurious wall tiles in any shade or style you like. Your tiles will need to integrate seamlessly with the flooring, so that no water can get behind and damage them.

The benefit of tiles is that they’re easy to clean and have a very luxurious aesthetic. Tiles are durable and very rarely suffer damage. If they do, you only need to replace the individual tiles that are needed. Maintenance is low, with regrouting recommended every 10 years or so, or when tiles begin to come loose.

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Accessible Bathroom Accessories

To complete your accessible bathroom, you’ll need to fit a few accessories. Hand rails, shower benches and railings will help you to move around safely. This gives you confidence when bathing and increases your independence.

For Accessible Bathroom Upgrades, Choose TAP Tiling

To get all the pieces you need to create a luxurious accessible bathroom, choose TAP Tiling. We stock a huge range of tiles, as well as accessible accessories to fit out your wet room. Come and visit our showroom or get in touch today to make a plan for your project.


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